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Fireworks, Live, 2015

Hear a live version of "Fireworks," one of the songs on Where You Want To Be CD by Raggedy Edge, 2016

A Modern Americana Singer-Songwriter Duo
We're Lynn Perdzock and Bob Farley, the Dayton, Ohio-based husband-wife singer-songwriter duo known as Raggedy Edge. We write bluesy, countrified, folky, jazzy, poppy music we like to call Americana. It's varied, but we're getting closer every day to "our" sound.

On our new CD, our new CD, Where You Want To Be, that sound is closer to a kind of Gothic Americana, though there is still plenty of good old fashioned bro-country and folk-rap.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016
Hi--You may have noticed on Facebook and elsewhere that we're releasing our third album--a digital release--on November 25th. We're extremely happy with the nine songs on this album, so much so that we want to do something special for it. (If you'd like to get on with buying the Pre-Release without the song and dance below, go to Our BandCamp Site. Thanks!)

Ahem, you were saying something about special?
Right. Well, first of all, you can see from our graphic above that the price for the digital download is ridiculously low. Only $3.50. We only wish we could have made it lower, but lower than that doesn't count as a sale.

Who says?
Glad you asked. The Nielsen Soundscan people, the same group that says who watches what on television, they have an arm that says who buys what music, and it's a bit more exact than the TV-watching thing since the music is tallied from actual sales. And that's where we need YOUR assistance.

Why a Pre-Release Sale?
If we can get between 200 and 300 sales in any one week, we have a good chance of making it onto the Nielsen Top 200 New Albums Chart. Yet, those are pretty high numbers for middling performers such as ourselves. But the good news is that, with a Pre-Sale, purchases are all counted on the day they're released, not the day they're sold. So everything we pre-sell between now and November 25th counts as a sale for that week.

Something else happens as we hit our Goal: We obtain enough funds to produce a physical CD. If that happens, everybody who bought the digital download in the pre-release time frame gets the CD for free, if you want to pay the $3 shipping and handling charge. Pesky, but necessary. Sorry.

If we don't make our goal but at least make it to 100 Pre-Orders, that's the point at which we can produce a few CDs, but they'll be the regular $7 plus shipping and handling.

Currently we have a couple of Bundling offers on the BandCamp site where you can pre-order the album.

About your emails
When you make your pre-order, you'll be asked for your email because that's where you'll receive the email link to download your album. I will also be putting the email into a temporary mailing list so that we can remain in touch and to let you know about things that ONLY supporters get to know about. Other stuff will be public knowledge, so it will appear here. The exclusive stuff will be sent through the mailing list. If you don't want to get the exclusive emails, no problem, you can opt out very easily.

Thanks for joining in. We look forward to sending out a whole lot of cool stuff in the next couple of months.
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