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Another searching for love song. Does that ever get old?

Rap was beginning to show up everywhere about this time, so one of the verses developed into a section of spoken word singing, and it's now much more a sung song than true rap, but for the right person, it's at least hip hoppy.


Guitars: Taylor 714ce, Resonator
Bass: Ibanez acoustic bass
Percussion: Garageband Cuban Timba Conga 06, Cowbell Groove 01
Play the Game
by Bob Farley
written between 2011-2015

I want to help you get that garden looking good
Only take a couple of days
Let me move some furniture around your house
And keep some of what you give away
And if it's gonna hurt when we say good-bye
Well that's a small price to pay
We can't win in the game of life
if we never make a play

We gotta play the game, We gotta play the game
To win or lose, to win or lose

RAP 1. I have a great time being with you,
Doing things I never thought I'd do
Running with you on the raggedy edge
Riding shotgun on a rocket sled

Sliding through the doors of eternity
Slipping on the floors of a fantasy
Keep on flapping those angel wings
Flying on the broken-hearted songs we sing

Don't want to know about rules we break
Or sacrifice a queen for the bishop's sake
Does it really matter when it's said and done
How seriously we take our fun

Reaching past our limit
Moving just a little too fast
Never would have jumped in it
If I didn't think it would last
What if we can turn the future
Into a present from the past
We'll never know for sure
But I've heard it doesn't hurt to ask


RAP 2: Do we know better promises to keep
Or wait'll after we've had a good night's sleep
Wear what feels good or the fashion
Do what we're told or give in to passion

Wrong or right good or bad, do we throw
Our thoughts out now or do we do-si-do
Around the reality that we envision
While we watch a movie on the television

Does it ever make sense, does it ever get real
Do we have to sanctify everything that we feel
Clarify and rectify the thoughts in our head
Don't dwell on the past, just remember that you said...


CODA: Wanna help you get that garden looking good, it'll only take a couple of days