After attending a grade school reunion in 2013, I penned this song in remembrance of those days of childhood, where I split my time between playing in the woods at home and learning in the books at my little school. Back in my day, we were more competitive, and we knew who won and lost. But despite that, we never felt like we couldn't do whatever we wanted if we tried hard enough.


Guitars: Taylor, Resonator
Bass: Ibanez acoustic bass
Drums: Garageband Bluebird Kit (Lost at Sea)

Anything But Possible
by Bob Farley
written June 2013

Verse 1
Back home on the farm where I grew up
Our lives weren't charmed but they weren't that rough
When the dew dried my brothers and I’d go out and play
As often as not, we'd stay outside all day

And it never occurred to me as a kid sitting in a tree
That to be all I could be was anything but possible
We could always dream watching a sunshine beam
Or go fish in a stream That was good as gospel,
Yeh, anything was possible

Verse 2
And when school bells rang, I remember that
And all the first best friends I ever had
Long bus rides, lunch lines, and sweet recess
Might have got paddled a couple of times, I guess

Repeat Chorus
Bridge: Instrumental

Verse 3
We could fly away, we could reach the stars
Lying on our backs in the green grass in the yard
Days could last forever, tomorrow was a mystery
And the hills rolled on as far as we could see

Repeat Chorus