This song came about from a desire to write an American Standard-like song. The bridge took many tries to decide on what was best, from both a music and lyric standpoint, but it's a pleasing diversion from the rest of the CD.


Guitar: Taylor 714ce, Resonator
Bass: Ibanez acoustic bass
Drum: Garageband set
Like Waikiki, I lost the individual files for this one, so there wasn't any way to change much, short of re-recording everything, which so far has not happened.
Stories of the Night
by Bob Farley
written January 2013

Full moon glides along the ridge of mountains
Brush away the cobwebs and the dust
Waxing, waning, wandering as it's counting
Measuring the moments left to rust

Dreams fly by like sparks from burning embers
Painting darkness in a ghostly light
Start the new day yearning to remember
Pictures from the stories of the night

Clouds collecting, skies may soon be storming
Waves pile up and crash along the shore
In the mist a vision slowly forming
Flashes like the lightning through the door

In my dreams we're flying through the moonlight
New horizons constantly appear
Making wishes on the starlight star bright
If this is dreaming, I want to stay here
Maybe I should take some notes
So when I wake up I'll still recall those
Pictures from the stories of the night

Heartbeats quicken, slowly wakes the morning
Sunlight comes in tumbling through the blinds
Coffee's steaming, memories reforming
Scenes from dreams come bouncing back to mind