This song tells part of the story of a book I wrote called Kahuna. Telling stories in songs takes fewer words, and that helps to tell more stories; however, a lot of detail gets lost in a song, at least in a modern-day song. Songs and poems aren't normally the epics they were in days of old.

This paranormal sci-fi story deals with a man with a faulty sixth sense, one that tells him when trouble is about to strike, but doesn't say anything about what kind or how bad the trouble is. Dreams fill his nights and a life change finds him moving to Hawaii, where the dreams become stronger and start to take over his life. Something else is happening there, though, and our hero is the only one who can save the day. It is obviously based on my real-life experiences on the islands. :>

Guitars: Taylor 714ce, Resonator, Ibanez acoustic bass

Drums: Garageband set. (I accidentally deleted the GB files, but not before saving them to Audacity, which kept them in their edited format, so I was able to put them back into GB and remix and master, but the drums had been turned into a wav file, so the name of the drummer was lost.

This was, incidentally, the first song I put GB drums on, so despite the lack of ability with the software, I was able to get it to do much of what I wanted, and a lot of what it did was a pleasant surprise. And I did put a cymbal crash at the end with the keyboard input.
Home to Waikiki
by Bob Farley
copyright 2011-2014

Night time in Waikiki
Star shine on a crystal sea
Music floating on the breeze
High tide on a full moon swell
Mai Tais in a beach hotel
Listen to stories sailors tell

Swirling clouds between the stars
Flickering lights from distant fires
Slide my boat out on a windswept sea
Sail it home to Waikiki
Sail it home to Waikiki
Sail it home
Home to Waikiki

Dreamin' I'm in Waikiki
Living in another century
Spirits calling out to me
Running in a fingernail moon night
Stars are my guiding light
Wish I may, I wish I might


Waking up in Waikiki
Sun where the stars should be
Waves like mountains over me
Skyscrapers line the beach
Out of touch, out of reach
With this spirit we must speak