BRIEF BIO: Raggedy Edge is a Singer-Songwriter team whose Original Music ranges from country to rock, folk to blues, modern pop to American standards. Their family-friendly show highlights musical artistry, tight harmonies, and upbeat tunes. Americana Music with a Modern Folk Twist.

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Raggedy Edge:
Singer Songwriters...Have Folk, Will Rock

Raggedy Edge writes and sings the kind of modern indie pop folk rock music that they like to hear: easy on the ears, entertaining to the mind, tasteful to the soul, focused on story, melody, and harmony, with a healthy dose of jazz, swing, rock, pop, country, and blues.

Lynn Perdzock and Bob Farley met at an open mic near Dayton, Ohio in 2011 and after a couple of practice sessions together decided to work together as a duo. The idea worked, and they began writing their own songs and learning songs from the American Standard songbook. Since then, they've traveled the country, entertaining dozens of community centers with standards by Frank Sinatra and Doris Day, along with venues such as wine bars, libraries, coffee shops, farm markets, festivals, and house concerts with originals and select covers. And in 2016, they got married.

Bob's earliest influences included live music from many of his relatives who played country, bluegrass, and gospel music at family gatherings. Later, he became a fan of the Beatles and other British blues-rock groups. Now his interests include country, rockabilly, bluegrass, rock, pop, and jazz, plus--thanks to James Darren's Vic Fontaine character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine--the Standards of such greats as Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, and others.

Lynn followed a friend into guitar lessons as a youngster. Later her older siblings brought home the music of Yes, the Beatles, the Moody Blues, and more. Her guitar style gravitated toward Carole King folk-pop, and her writing has focused on many social issues, as well as the feelings of love and life that we all share.

Bob and Lynn's passion for their art shows up in their on-stage camaraderie and antics, sharing how music elevates and energizes their lives and yours. Their style has been compared to Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch, and James Taylor and Norah Jones--some darn good talent to be compared to.

The partnership has produced three Raggedy Edge CDs and a 12-song solo Bob CD, entitled RAGGEDY, a 5-song EP called Bring the Mountain Down, and a busy 2017 of more recordings and performances on the schedule.

Possessed of a genuine affection for many genres of music--from blues to bluegrass, country to rock, folk, jazz, and American standards of the Big Band and Swing Band era--a Raggedy Edge show features a range of tunes not often heard in live performances, especially by a duo.

"The best part of our day is when we get to share our gift of music, and if you'd like to join us, head over to Raggedy Edge Booking and let's talk."

Wondering what others say? Read on.

"Raggedy Edge (Lynn Perdzock and Bob Farley) are a talented musical duo that played at the Yellow Springs Community Library. Our audience enjoyed their skills as musicians as well as their family friendly and varied repertoire. I would highly recommend them as a wonderful addition to any library program."
~Tricia Gelmini, Director of Events, Yellow Springs Community Library, Yellow Springs OH

"I loved seeing you guys Thursday night! Great musicians and fun and relaxed stage presence!"
~ Mark Reinemann, Program Coordinator, Mary L. Cook Library, Waynesville OH

"Melody, harmony and story are what music is all about for me and you have it."
~ Art Casci, singer/guitarist

"We very much enjoyed hosting Raggedy Edge for our backyard concert. My friends were enthralled to have two such great performers who had a real story to tell through their music! My guests all had a great time. It really added a new element to entertaining at home!"
~ Kathleen C., Ft. Myers, FL

"Raggedy Edge's first CD, With You, contains original folk songs that speak from life experiences. There is an honesty prevalent in the songs...and a slant for humor in some of the lyrics with clever plays on words."
~ Curtis Alley, independent musician, producer

"Raggedy Edge was very well received at Keystone Woods Community in Springfield MA., today...everyone loved them. Thanks for a great performance!"
~ Patricia Gelinas, Activities Director, Keystone Woods, Springfield MA

"Thank you so much for your Raggedy Edge music performance. The residents really enjoyed it and I hope you visit us again."
~ Erica Costello, Albuquerque, NM
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