BRIEF BIO: Raggedy Edge is a Singer-Songwriter team whose Original Music comes in many flavors, from country to rock, folk to blues, adult contemporary to American standards. Their family-friendly shows highlight strong vocal harmonies and dazzling musicianship. Call it Americana Music with a Modern Folk Twist.

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OUR NAME: "Raggedy edge" is a phrase used in the movie Serenity (highly recommended if you like sci-fi). That phrase made it into one of Bob's songs (Play the Game) and when they were looking for a name to call themselves, Raggedy Edge embodied the feel of moving effortlessly from genre to genre of music.
What kind of music do we play?
Originals and Covers in folk rock country blues, with a little bit of bluegrass to jazz to Standards

If you like your musical entertainment infused with a steady folk-rock groove laced with touches of blues, bluegrass, and jazz--along with a huge tip of the hat to the American Standards of the early and mid 20th century--then Raggedy Edge has your back.

When Lynn Perdzock and Bob Farley met at an open mic in Fairborn, Ohio in 2011, they didn't know they would wind up married, writing and recording songs together, traveling the country as a band, and having the time of their lives. But since Lynn loves to sing and play guitar, and Bob loves to play guitar and sing, it's not that big a surprise.

Lynn's rhythm guitar and mandolin back up her pure powerful vocals that soar and dip with each song, whether singing lead or harmonizing with Bob's baritone-tenor. Bob's guitar playing swoops from smooth and laid-back to choppy and hard-driving, whatever the song demands. They play their instruments live--even the loopers and harmonizer Bob sometimes calls into play. "Hey, they're instruments, too!"

Their repertoire stretches from the early 1900s Tin Pan Alley Amerian Standards, through country, folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz, pop, rock, and experimental indie originals. Whatever they do, they keep it upbeat and positive, and easy on the ears volume-wise.

Bob and Lynn travel as a duo, and they can add bass and percussion in the Dayton, Ohio area. And the couple perform entire shows of American Standards as The Littlest Big Band, "little" because there's just two of them, and "Big Band" because of the kind of songs they choose. And when they play as a quartet, they might be Raggedy Edge and the Littlest Big Band. It's all about having fun, sharing smiles, bringing back and making some new good times.

Nice things people say
"It doesn't get much better, or much more professional than these two talented musicians. I am looking forward to their shows at Harmony Hill Vineyards this summer. Thanks, guys, for what you do."
~Bill Skvarla, Owner, winemaker, Harmony Hill Vineyards, Bethel, OH

"It's my pleasure to recommend Raggedy Edge as a dynamic performing duo. They've performed at our library a couple of different times, and they are so easy to work with. They're always prepared and professional, but even more than that, the public loves them!"
~Sue Shay, Adult Programming, Washington-Centerville Public Library, Centerville, OH
"We have had Raggedy Edge at the Xenia Area Community Theater twice and both times they brought in a very entertaining show featuring folk rock, country and Americana. They are truly professional musicians and singers. I highly recommend Raggedy Edge band."
~Ron Ackerman, Music Director, Xenia Area Community Theater

"These guys are like Mel Torme meets Van Halen."
~Jim Coughlin, producer/musician
"Melody, harmony and story are what music is all about for me and they have it. They remind me of Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings."
~Art Casci, singer/guitarist

"We very much enjoyed hosting Raggedy Edge for our backyard concert. My friends were enthralled to have two such great performers who had a real story to tell through their music! The setting was beautiful as it was my own backyard and my guests all had a great time. It really added a new element to entertaining at home!"
~K. Coughlin, House Concert Host, Fort Myers, FL
"We loved the intimacy of the performance, the banter between songs, the type of music you played, and being able to actually meet and talk with you after the set. Everyone was tapping feet or bobbing heads. Everyone has commented to me about how much they enjoyed the experience."
~A. Adams, House Concert Host, Venice, FL

"Raggedy Edge (Lynn Perdzock and Bob Farley) are a talented musical duo that played at the Yellow Springs Community Library. Our audience enjoyed their skills as musicians as well as their family friendly and varied repertoire. I would highly recommend them as a wonderful addition to any library program."
~Tricia Gelmini, (former) Director of Events, Yellow Springs Community Library, Yellow Springs OH
"I loved seeing you guys Thursday night! Great musicians and fun and relaxed stage presence!"
~Mark Reinemann, Program Coordinator, Mary L. Cook Library, Waynesville, OH

"Raggedy Edge's first CD, With You, contains original folk songs that speak from life experiences. There is an honesty prevalent in the songs...and a slant for humor in some of the lyrics with clever plays on words."
~Curtis Alley, independent musician, producer, Fairborn, OH
"Raggedy Edge was very well received at Keystone Woods Community in Springfield, OH MA., today...everyone loved them. Thanks for a great performance!"
~Patricia Gelinas, Activities Director, Keystone Woods, Springfield, MA

"Thank you so much for your Raggedy Edge music performance. The residents really enjoyed it and I hope you visit us again."
~Erica Costello, Albuquerque, NM