House Concerts

House concerts provide an intimate setting for artist and audience to interact; however, it's usually best not to set up in front of the dart board.
Music in your living room
One of the best places to hear music is in your house, and as it turns out, one of the best places to play music is also in your house. It's easier to do than you might think, and lots of fun for everyone who enjoys music!
"It really added a new element to entertaining at home!"
~ K. Coughlin, Fort Myers, Florida
House concerts are a way to bring together your favorite music, your best friends, and maybe even some good food and drink for an evening that everyone will remember fondly.

You can sit front row center, mere feet away from the artists, get to know them, hear their stories and songs in a casual and comfortable setting, and mingle before and after the show.

Since these concerts are in your house and not in a professional music venue, they are considered private events and are by invitation only, much the same way you invite people to any party you might be having in your home.
"We loved the intimacy of the performance, the banter..., the ... music ..., and being able to meet and talk with you...."
~ A. Adams, Venice, Florida
To keep the IRS off your back, hosts don't take any money for having the concert. Artists, however, do expect to receive donations from guests. This can be before, during, or after the concert, and some house concert hosts even offer prepay discounts. Donations range from $5 to $20, but can be more and in some cases less, depending on the listeners' ability.

Nice weather + big yard = Yard Concert

How do I do it?
Putting a concert together takes a little bit of planning. You must find or know a willing artist, set a mutually agreeable date at least a month in advance, send invitations, get RSVPs, and decide on food and drink. Usually events are BYOB and everyone brings a snack to share. Some are dessert and coffee only. Some are finger foods and sodas. Others can be full meals and open bar. It's up to the host.

Since the acts who perform in homes are usually solos, duos, or trios, they don't take a lot of room, and they do not have to be loud, so your neighbors shouldn't be calling the police on you. Loudness does not equal goodness, especially at a Raggedy Edge concert. We value our hearing, too, so it's nice to play softly to a listening group.

If you'd like to take your next get-together to another level by adding a live musical concert, please give us a call or email and we'll see what dates we can both work with. Or if you just want more information, email us with your questions and we'll do our best to answer them.

In the meantime, here's a website of a Cincinnati home that hosts house concerts through the year: Casa Del Bistro. And Concerts In Your Home, one of the oldest house concert sites, where you can read more about this national phenomenon than you thought possible.

In our brief time together, we've been able to help put together house concerts in
Florida (4)
New York
North Carolina (2)
Host Comments

"We very much enjoyed hosting Raggedy Edge for our backyard concert. My friends were enthralled to have two such great performers who had a real story to tell through their music! The setting was beautiful as it was my own backyard and my guests all had a great time. It really added a new element to entertaining at home!" ~ K. Coughlin, Fort Myers, Florida

"We loved the intimacy of the performance, the banter between songs, the type of music you played, and being able to meet and talk with you after the set. Everyone was tapping feet or bobbing heads. Everyone has commented to me about how much they enjoyed the experience." ~ A. Adams, Venice, Florida

"What a talent these two are. Don't ever pass through here without giving me a call." ~ C. Warrington, Jackson, Tennessee