A newspaper reporter with an extranormal sense for trouble...

A missing fiance and the woman who last spoke with him...

Two feuding farmers bent on putting each other out of business...

A scheming biogeneticist looking for one last breakthrough...

A mutant insect born pregnant, hungry, and mean...

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Stopping a killer?
Not so hard.
Killing his weapon?
Now that's a problem.

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'a techno-thriller
with teeth'

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A reporter with a faulty sixth sense tries to stop a deadly insect invasion in Hawaii.

Reporter NATHAN BREWSTER's nose for news goes on high alert when he reads a police report of an insect attack that quickly turns into a missing person case.

Nathan gets his hands on a dead specimen of one of the insects and takes it to the nearby college entomology department. There, he meets local farmer TOMMY WAGNER, who has just found more than a million dollars' worth of melons and peppers ruined by identical insects.

Scientists deduce the creatures are thrips, a kind of common yard and garden pest. But these have been altered at the genetic level. Now they are able to metabolize pesticides and to reproduce at incredible rates, effectively being born pregnant.

Robert Farley

Within twenty-four hours, more than a dozen deaths have been attributed to the abnormal pests. With the island on high alert, authorities struggle to control the swarms and to discover who is responsible and why.

The likely culprit is a brilliant bio-geneticist, missing since the mysterious death of his family. Though he hasn't been seen for over a decade, his signature is suspected in at least three economic meltdowns in undeveloped countries. What happens when he's cornered in Paradise?

As science and law enforcement scramble to contain and kill the mutant horde before it destroys the island, Nathan races against time, Nature, and enemy forces to keep the technology from spreading to the rest of the world. How many people will die before the terror ends--if it ends?

Welcome to the extranormal world of Nathan Brewster.

Reviews and Blurbs For THRIPZ
J.A. Konrath, author of Bloody Mary says:
Farley has written a techno-thriller with teeth! Part rollicking adventure, part mutant insect mayhem,
THRIPZ will make your heart race and your skin crawl. Robert Farley is a writer to watch."

Lisette Brodey, author of Crooked Moon says:
THRIPZ ... is so believable that you may never look at any bug the same way again. Set in Hawaii's Waikiki in Oahu, the author's firsthand familiarity with the island and knowledge of what he writes make this thriller just that much more powerful. Beautifully written and brilliantly crafted, THRIPZ is a stunning read that will stay with you long after you close the book.

Sara Williams, author of The Don Juan Con says:
Mutant thrips might be the bio-bugs in question, but Farley's plot is as tangled as any web some mad scientist might weave. Here's a fresh blend of science with mystery that belongs on my bookshelf next to my classic favorites of the genre:
Jaws and Jurassic Park."

S.J. Reisner, author of Left Horse Black says:
Robert Farley's
THRIPZ is a terrifying and realistic bio-terrorism thriller that will keep you riveted to your chair armed with a flyswatter, bug spray, and a new outlook on even the most common insect.

Jake George, author of Grandfather's Song says:
Robert Farley took what appeared to be a routine bug infestation and turned it into a tale of international intrigue. Spies, bio-terrorists, and a top-notch plot will take the reader on a ride on the dark side of bioengineering in a well-paced and action-packed novel.

Kellee Kranendonk, author of Puff the Not So Magic Dragon" and other short stories says:
Have you ever wanted to vacation in Hawaii, but never got there? I did too, until I read Robert Farley's
THRIPZ. This fast-paced novel about bio-engineered bugs made me want to stay safely at home.

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